Certificate of LDH TKD

This certificate is given to those who have completed this online course.

The certificate with a seal on it will issue through the verification by Master Lee Dong-hee.

To prevent piracy, only the certificates listed on this site will confirm as a completed person.

Or for those who are reluctant to personal exposure, Master Lee has the information about the certificate that not updated on this site. This can be check at any time.

This certificate is issued as follows


confirms that you have seen all the video footages on this site.


filming the clip of the motion suggested by Master Lee and sends it to e-mail.


Master Lee checks the video and verifies the acceptance by feedback.


when the test passes, you will receive an email with your photo and name on your certificate.


the certificate will be updated on this site according to the graduate’s will.

Also, you can get a certificate when you have lessons and confirmed by offline.

* Completion on this site is only a verification of the specific step. For higher stages, there are other courses to follow.

If you watch 273 videos in a row, the total time will exceed 32 hours.
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