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of this site is designed to learn the essence and overall of the technique of Taekwondo. This system is researched and organized by Master Lee with his various experiences obtained while he was training Taekwondo. Taekwondo practitioners and beginners, as well as other martial artists and fighters and the general public who are interested in martial arts and various movements, can be inspired.

This system was proved by exchanges teaching with other various athletes and grand masters of Taekwondo and other martial arts. Through KTA (Korea Taekwondo Association) and Master Lee’s Taekwondo hall, this system is being propagated to Korea and many people around the world.

1. Taeryuk태력跆力

The “Tae” of Taekwondo generally means kick technique in Taekwondo, but literally means “to step on”, meaning Taeryuk is power created by stepping on the ground. This is the origin and basic of Taekwondo’s initial power. Through this method, power and speed of all the skills of Taekwondo are maximized. This system describes the principles and training system in detail. This applies to all skills learned in the future.

2. Narae step

Taekwondo is one of the best martial arts with a step technique around the world. Thanks to its unique light movements, there is a technique to attack not only in a walking state such as “Narae Kick” but also in a state of jumping. ‘Narae’ means ‘wing’ in Korean, and it is also used to express the flying movement. Narae Step, which is named from its fast movement like as flapping wings, means a stepping system that moves like flying over the ground. This step can be applied to all Taekwondo techniques such as hand techniques and foot techniques. This makes the technique faster and stronger, allows free movement in all directions.

3. TKD hand techniques

There are many people who do not think there is a hand technique in Taekwondo. However, if you check the Poomsae or Taekwondo textbooks, you can find a lot of hand techniques as well as foot techniques. You can learn the skills of attacking and defending with dozens of parts of the upper body, as well as hands and arms. The whole upper body is weaponized by the method of initial power which maximizes the power for each part. This allows you to perform attack & defense techniques in response to various situations.

4. TKD kick techniques

Taekwondo has been proved as the best kick technique established martial art in the world. You can learn techniques developed through the Taekwondo competition rules, and you can also learn techniques that are forbidden by competition rules. Using body parts including feet and knees allows free direction and height, and this enables appropriate response to various situations.

5. TKD wrestling

Taekwondo is definitely a martial art that is mainly based on the stand-up fighting. However, according to the Poomsae, World Taekwondo Headquarters, Taekwondo textbooks and terminology systems clearly show that there are Ju-Jitsu like techniques that grab, turn over, and twist. Learning these techniques enables to prepare an adjacent situation where it is difficult to blow.

6. TK connection

‘TK (Taekwon)’ in Taekwondo means hands and feet. Using the hand techniques and foot techniques separately halve the effectiveness of them. These techniques should be freely connectable and usable. The combination of the upper and lower bodies can be combined to freely perform the combination by using the TK connection.

7. Poomsae

Poomsae is a battle system that can be called the essence of Taekwondo but lacked in the area of combat. Because of this Master Lee’s Taekwondo analyzed current grader’s Poomsae called Taeguk Poomsae, past grader’s Poomsae called Palgwae Poomase and other Poomsae optimized to modern way. With this analysis the chance to learn a new style was made. Before starting Poomsae, it is necessary being able to apply Taeryuk to learn the basic techniques of Taekwondo for performing strong & fast movement.

8. The end of the Poomsae – for real combat application

The movement of Poomsae learned in previous lectures can be applied and utilized to various situations. Originally Poomsae was not a technique to show in the prepared situation such as test or contest. It was a system made to practice techniques that were effective in real combat situations. Now, you will know how these techniques are applied and learn how to use them.

9. Combat tactics

You can learn various combat tactics through Taekwondo techniques. Through various rules of sparring you can achieve higher level of combat sense, and eventually apply Taekwondo in numerous combat situations.

10. Training

There are people who find combat or sparring burdensome and dislike them. But the movement of Taekwondo is truly infinite and attractive. We introduce various training methods for martial art performers, athletes, and also for people who want Taekwondo for hobby.

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