LDH TAEKWONDO Online Course Open!

We have opened the Combat Taekwondo online course in 2019.

Taekwondo’s identity as a martial art, fighting with the opponent, is the same then and now.

Until now, however, Taekwondo’s Poomsae, hand techniques, and close quarter techniques have been neglected, and the development of them has been insufficient.

Of course, kick technique has achieved the best system in the world, but Taekwondo is a martial art that has a lot of factors other than kick skills.

In this online course,

1. We have presented the basics and application of numerous hand techniques in Kukkiwon Taekwondo textbooks.

2. All of the kick skills that are used in the competition are included, and we also include the low kick and knee kick that can not be used in the competitive match.

3. I did not stop at showing Poomsae but reinterpreted it as a training style that allows us to practice optimal power and speed.

4. And I showed you how to use these Poomsae for real opponents.

5. Not only hitting, but also Joint breaks, taking the situation close to the opponent, and taking down, taekwondo wrestling techniques are also presented.

6. Taekwondo is a martial art with very advanced steps as well as kick skills. We have presented a way to practice this step from the basics to the best application, and we have included a way to apply it to Taekwondo’s hand technique or TKD wrestling.

7. I have developed a system to learn the Taekwondo’s power drill, which enables us to achieve stronger power and speed. This can be applied to the hand techniques, foot techniques, poomsae, etc. As a new form of training, I named it TAERYUK.

Today, the world is connected through a platform called the Internet.

It is not that you can learn advanced knowledge of Taekwondo only by meeting directly in this world. Of course, it would not be as good as meeting a master, receiving feedback and practicing. But at least I was convinced that I could present it and make you understand Taekwondo ‘s skills and the best practices through video.

Through this, I wanted you to be able to learn, understand and realize Taekwondo anywhere in the world.


So far I have tried to include everything that I trained and studied.

As a result, we were able to present more than 1,000 techniques, not counting one by one, on 273 images, and we were able to demonstrate Taekwondo core skills and training principles systematically.

No matter what seminar we were going to learn, we would have suffered from lack of time. We might have only hours or even an hour, which is not enough, to take new information in real except the time of answering questions, teaching others, and break.

The lectures on this site continued to shoot for many hours to convey the core of Taekwondo skills and training.

If you look at all these clips, it will be well over 30 hours.

As I was working on this project and sorting out what I have already trained, I also realized many things and became motivation to continue training.

At this moment, new content about Taekwondo as a martial art continues to emerge, and I am wondering how I can explain and convey it to everyone in an easy way.

We will continue to make it available through this site in the future.

I hope that it will help everyone who loves martial arts, other movements, and culture, including Taekwondo people all over the world.

February 1, 2019, Lee Dong Hee.

If you watch 273 videos in a row, the total time will exceed 32 hours.
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