Lecture guide

First, we recommend you to register before making a payment.

It’s because you have to sign in after payment to take classes.

If you make a payment without registering,
you will receive an ID and a temporary password from the email you entered when making the payment.

At this time, the ID is the same as the entered email ID.

If you have forgotten your password or would like to change,

please click the red mark shown in the image below.

If you pay by paypal or credit card, you can take classes immediately.

If you made a payment by Direct Bank (bank account),
we connect you to see the video of the lecture after the administrator’s confirmation.

That’s why it may take some time after you deposit.

However, you can view the lecture video within 24 hours of open year round unless a special case.

How to watch a lecture video

Click  on the site.
When you enter the My Profile page, the contents of the lesson you have paid will appear as shown in the image below.

When you click on this, you can see the video of the lecture you have applied.

Download products of the Store can be downloaded from
‘My Orders’ of ‘My Profile’ as below.

*If you cannot find any lecture on ‘my profile’, please dump your browser cache (Simply press the F5 function key)

If you watch 273 videos in a row, the total time will exceed 32 hours.
Choose a good payment period.

All Courses 1 Month

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  • You have unlimited access to all the videos for 6 months.

All Courses 3 Months

$150.00 $98.00 / 3 months
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  • You have unlimited access to all the videos for 3 months.