Master Lee Dong Hee

LDH Taekwondo means Taekwondo established by Master Lee dong hee. Currently, he is a lecturer of Korean Taekwondo Association and teaches taekwondo practitioners and masters all over the world as well as in Korea.

He realized

that he needs to supplement the current Taekwondo system through the experience of working as a Taekwondo competition player, a Poomsae player, a demonstration team, graduated from Taekwondo department and went through master and doctoral program.

The purpose

of this online course is to inform you about the training system that has researched over and over and established.

You can learn a variety of practical

hand, kick, and wrestling techniques that were not available in the game contest.

Not only to reviving the old Taekwondo skills and philosophy that cannot be practiced and rehabilitated at present, but also has been renewed in line with modern sentiment and use. And research and development on this are continuing.

It is the online course of this site that you can check and learn all of this.

Proven Practice

by many masters and grandmasters of taekwondo, as well as the taekwondo practitioners and leaders, and the soldiers of the Republic of Korea who need the most battle in actual combat.

Also, Master Lee Dong-hee himself and his students are continuously being verified this system by continuing to win the fighting matches.

I started this work

to solve the thirst that cannot be resolved by the existing Taekwondo.

It does not mean that Taekwondo so far has been wrong.

It’s definitely on the right track. However, it was regrettable that the essential aspects have neglected due to the fusion of sports-oriented training and performance culture.

So, I wanted to show the many possibilities of Taekwondo by putting these parts on the surface again.

Also, I trained and focused on the realization that it is possible to accept these possibilities and unfold unlimitedly depending on our actions and thoughts.

Now, As A Practitioner I would like to share with you what I have learned and studied. I hope these lectures will help you.