It is the testimonials of those who received guidance from the Master Lee Dong-hee.

I began training with Master Lee in September 2017 – prior to this I has exclusively trained WT sport style taekwondo in the UK for 7 years.

During that time I met many coaches and masters of various backgrounds – enough to know what when I came to this dojang I had found a world class instructor.

Master Lee practises and teaches ‘실전/siljeon’ (pronounced shill-jon) taekwondo – meaning ‘real combat’ taekwondo. He uses his expertise across all of the disciplines of taekwondo (having previously been both a K-Tiger and a brutal full combat competitor) and employs them into this style in which traditional poomsae techniques are utilised alongside quick and destructive sport taekwondo kicks to make a effective and balanced combat system.

Being familiar with only WT sport taekwondo, the adjusting to the use of hand techniques (boxing with strikes to the face, palm strikes, and other things I have previously never learned) took a little bit of time. Low kicks, elbows, knees, and take downs are also on the agenda to give a really rounded style.

A breakdown of a normal training session would be: stretching, dynamic strength warm up, partner pad sparring rounds, focussed technique lesson and practice followed by employment of that technique in a sparring scenario, free sparring, and finishing off with some strength training and stretching cool down.

Each session covers strength, technique, stamina, speed and timing, and ability to use techniques in real time.

Additionally the club possesses a great range of training equipment including all the required protection, weighted balls for stone lifting (20-80kg), kettlebells, weighted bags for squating/lifting, and a variety of persian meels and club bells amongst other things.

I had never tried stone lifting or even heard of a persian meels before starting here, and particularly enjoyed learning and using these. As they say, training is more effective when it is fun.

I would wholehearted recommend this club to martial artists of all levels, including those who have never practised before. There’s definitely something you can learn here



Definitely, this lesson is no matter what reason, it shows the secret of Tae Kwon Do skills. Lot of people have a prejudice about the actual fighting sense in Tae Kwon Do. However, when you take this lesson, then you could know the reasons why they keep in secret about dangerous skills. This master is famous in the Tae Kwon Do in Korea now. I’ve seen lot of national Tae Kwon Do teams come in his gym to learning new Tae Kwon Do. You can see reasons why he is famous when you take this lesson. It interpreted about the Poomsae to actual fighting situation and the application too. Also, the explanation is easy to understand to using skills. It is not normal striking skills that you already known. When you take this lesson about Tae Ryuk, then you could use your body in flexible and know the sports biomechanics. Don’t think that Tae Kwon Do could not use in real situation. This is much powerful and flexible in the world.

kihun sim

south korea

It was my luck to encounter Lee Dong Hee while in Korea for Taekwondo training.

I came across a Taekwondo system I had never known before;Taekwondo Combat,

This was really an eye opener,I realized that Taekwondo as an art is really beautiful than the entire world thinks/knows of.

Am a changed Taekwondo practitioner and coach too as I don’t take Taekwondo for sport only but also I have realized the defensive part of it through vigorous Poomse training and evaluation.

Thank you Lee Dong Hee.

Live long to spread Taekwondo as an art!

kennedy njoroge kimemia


I am a student who is interested in the martial-art who is now 20. I have been interested in the fighting for a long time, so I have practiced other fighting skills. But, after seeing the video of the master lee dong hee, I began to start the combat taekwondo. That video came to me with great shock because it was very practical at real combat and concise. But like many people, I thought that video and action might be different, and when I came to the gym and tried the techniques and also got hit with that, it became clear that these movements were the things that could be used immediately in actual combat.

As a result, I participated in a mixed martial arts competition and won the championship, and I think that it definitely includes the skill and the fighting spirit of CombatTaekwondo.

Seojin jang

south korea

I’ve been training in master lee’s dojo for a year and half. It was my first time to go for a martial art and I kind of wanted to be good in real combats and, of course, lose weight and be healthy. At first, it was hard for me and took about 2~3 months just to catch up with exercising(not techniques which I’m still working on) although I had been casually working out for years. But I still really loved doing it. Primal movement-natural movement workouts became my favorite warm up exercises. Using ancient workout equipments was also very interesting and intriguing. And now, as a trainee who’s been in this dojo for quite a while, I’d say that fighting techniques master lee teaches us are very enjoyable and useful. When I had sparrings with those who’d been training in other fighting styles like muay thai, kick boxing or kyokushin karate, I became so sure that master lee’s techniques are appiable in general stand-up fights and also unique in a way. Which means, LDH TKD has a curriculum that satisfies both beginners and those with experience.

Bongheon Lee

south korea

Is it possible to fuse hand techniques with taekwondo step properly that is specialized in competitions? If you want to find out the proper answer to the question, I would recommend you to visit LDH Taekwondo gym. Master Lee Dong-hee have studied how to apply various hand techniques and martial arts in Taekwondo textbooks to modern Taekwondo step in harmony and gives the answers to the students. Despite the high-intensity training, it is reasonable and systematic, so I am practicing it personally very fun.

Eunsung jang

south korea

I was a girl who was very weak that can’t eat the half bowl of the rice and get tired easily for practicing the taekwondo; it’s just like, I was so tired after practicing it and have to rest about 2 to 3 weeks. But, now I can have 5 times of training at a week and can eat the two bowl of rice, which means to become healthier. Even my schedule is so harsh full, I just brought the TKD uniform with the determination for training. But, these changes were just a tip of an iceberg.

But by far the most amazing change was the change in spiritual fitness that can hold oneself.

It was not just a change of physical strength or technological change when I started to open my eyes and practice my defenses from one day because I was a person who never held a fist and just avoids the punch with the eyes closed because of scary. Miraculously, not only when doing training, but also in everyday life began to change in a similar way just like the ‘real combat’.

It was by no means a coincidence that I felt the muscles of my mind growing up when I was mentally shaken myself, and it was the biggest and most positive change I felt when I started to practice Combat Taekwondo.

In this way, during one year, I can feel the growth in both physical and mental strength with a lot of help that was given from Combat TKd, the significance of this is huge.

From the white belt to the blue belt, I have not always been able to train consistently and steadily, but I have definitely changed to what I was not able to imagine. Therefore, I will continue to work hard to continue to train physical and mental muscles following the guidance of Lee Dong-hee!

Seonhyung park

south korea

The first time I got to know about this was that, at that time I tried to find the proper exercise for me, but when I heard about combat TKD,

I remembered about the child hood’s experience about TKD gym where was only practicing Poomsae and playing with Pigou, so I wondered about Combat TKD and entered the gym with a qurioisty and for the experience.

What I felt when I looked back was that the most important thing when choosing exercise is to try it. It is good to look at the information of this and that, but if you saw the training video of Lee Dong-hee Taekwondo, I might be scared and worried about these and not start.

Maybe the best thing to do before coming to the gym is not to watch the video. When I first started training, I was worried that I could hardly continue training, but I wondered why my body was hard, and at the same time Taekwondo was fun, so I am still exercising constantly with the power of human, who is the animal of the adaptation.

Maybe it will be hard to find another exercise or martial art suitable for this level when you adapt to the training of Taekwondo. So, one of the disadvantages is that the eye level increases.

I think that the training phase does not deviate to one side and maintains an appropriate balance. I prepare a body that can raise the basic physical strength through preparatory exercise and make a body that can use the technique.

Based on this, I can make the movement suitable for me. I am experiencing that the body gradually changes during the training period, I could feel the fun of making a new self, and I could see myself trying to get better.

It is amazing that you are doing this one steady thing in your life. I still have a lot to learn and learn, but I will continue to practice with the mind to challenge the limits.

Sumin kim

south korea

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